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Protecting your iPod video and music files from loss

All of those songs and videos you have loaded onto your iPod can represent a substantial investment. How much of an investment? Well, 1000 songs at 1 dollar per song and you have a hefty collection. Now consider the investment in time that one must make in order to load songs and videos onto a music player. Obviously no one can afford to lose this much money and time. But… Read Article →

Handling the challenges posed by Mac hard drive recovery

When we speak of the process required to recover Mac files there is an odd dynamic at work. Obviously Mac computers allow you to open and work with many Windows based common file types such as jpegs. But when we accidentally delete a JPEG on a Mac computer how can we access that file? And when the Mac computer’s hard drive has crashed what extra difficulties does this present? Usually… Read Article →

Recuing different types of images files after data loss

Programs for digital photo recovery are made necessary by the contrasting and different image file types commonly associated with photographs. Many of these files are huge in size and extremely subtle in variation. They can be divided into what is known as the lossless or lossy files. As these two names would imply certain file types are more compressed and condensed then others. The original file type for many camera… Read Article →

Locating lost or deleted files on SD and XD cards

The primary use for memory cards is as a high volume storage media for digital cameras. Memory cards have many types depending upon their size and format. But a few more popular types are smart media, SD and XD picture cards. Almost all of these are formatted in the Microsoft FAT system. When attempting memory card recovery there are a few simple tips to be aware of. The first as… Read Article →

A look at Windows file allocation systems

Windows data recovery can be divided into two sections. Those would be the older FAT file system and the new NTFS system. While very similar in that both of these directory systems allow access to stored files on both internal hard drives and external digital storage they are different in regards to formatting issues. Formatting issues refers to problems that result in file deletion due to accidental or planned reformatting… Read Article →

Using a file shredder to destroy contaminated hard drive data

Getting rid of a particularly stubborn computer virus is no small feat. And the question remains after you have removed a virus or malware, is it truly gone? One would like to think so but many viruses regenerate simply by your sending them to the Windows recycle bin. The more you attempt to delete the virus the more clones it creates. One should remember that deleting a file does not… Read Article →

Differentiating a partition and a drive for file recovery

Most people consider a computer partition and a computer drive to be almost synonymous. They are different in that the partition is as it would imply a part of a drive or more specifically a space on a drive. Still we rightfully confuse them. In terms of data recovery partition recovery software points us in the direction of recovering files stored on a partition and in this case that partition… Read Article →

Simple differences in Outlook Express and MS Outlook

There are many differences between Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Outlook Express. The most important of these is that Microsoft Outlook is the full blown larger version of Microsofts e-mail client that must be purchased separately. Outlook Express comes bundled free with Windows and Internet Explorer. As one would think, Microsoft Outlook the paid program offers many more features. Still Outlook Express is a viable helpful program and at the very… Read Article →

The extra complexity built into quality Mac recovery programs

You may have noticed that programs to recover Mac data cost a bit more than a comparable data recovery program for Windows PCs. While the demand for Mac recovery software is substantially smaller than that of Windows recovery this is not the reason for the cost differential. The reason that Mac recovery software costs more than its Windows counterpart is that the process of scanning for and recovering deleted files… Read Article →

How complicated recovery of data from PCs actually isn’t

To most people the words data recovery imply a complicated process that they feel they will never have need for. Believe it or not, all of us are experienced in one form of data recovery or another. Any time you enter your Windows recycle bin and restore a file or folder you are using that process to recover data that might have been lost had you emptied the bin. Commercial… Read Article →