Best way to perform disk recovery on Mac

Are you crawling up your mind, thinking how to get back all missing files from Mac hard disk? If yes, then go through the post, you will get your answer….

Nothing can be worse than losing access to your important files present in Mac hard drive, if you lose files due to simple mistake made by you. Among the loss scenario, accidental deletion is the most common. You may store some files in your trash folder, thinking that you will restore them when required. But later you forgot & emptied the trash using Shift + CMD +Delete option. After few days you realize it while performing some tasks & regret for doing so. If you are facing this situation then you can perform drive recovery Mac by making use of disk recovery software.

Not only this, there are also plenty of reasons due to which you may face loss scenario. Some of the possible reasons are explained below:

  • Running more than one program at a time: Running more than one program at a time may cause Mac operating system crash and as result of which you may encounter hard drive crash on Mac computer. Due to this fact entire data present in it become inaccessible.
  • Overheating of CPU: Overheating of CPU is one of the reasons for hard disk corruption in Mac machine. This make the machine freeze for some times minutes on regular intervals which results in hard drive crash.
  • Frequent Power loss: Power failure may cause corruption of file system, bad sectors, header crash and OS crash on Mac computer. As a result of this you may face hard disk corruption.
  • Drive formatting: Formatting means removal of files completely from the hard disk. Sometimes you may format the wrong Mac hard drive instead of the other as a result loss of files from it. You may also receive format error message due to drive corruption. In such situation, error message will display in your screen to format the drive & you will be forced to do so. Mac hard disk will be free from corruption but due to this you will face loss of files from it.

Disk recovery tool wonderfully restores all types of files. It performs Mac OS X Lion data recovery & also restores files from Mac Leopard, Snow Leopard, mountain Lion, etc. It also has the ability to find missing files of about 280 types based on signature search. It can also retrieves different types of files like images, audios, videos, zip archives, email archives, movies , excel file, etc. just by simple steps.

Excel file is generally used in business world. It is saved with. xlsx extension. It is widely used across the globe. Losing excel file causes a great impact in business as they maintain al information in it. Are you wondering how to recover excel files? Don’t worry!!! You can easily get back all missing excel files from Mac disk by using disk recovery tool. It provides data recovery from hard drive formatted with HFSX and HFS+ volumes. It supports data recovery from different types of storage devices such as USB drive, external hard drive, memory cards, etc.  This program also provides preview option to view the retrieved files. If you are satisfied with the preview results then you can purchase the tool and save recovered files.