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Best Way to Recover Deleted Files

Nowadays computers are playing important role in our day to day life, we are creating so many files everyday in computer such as document files like DOC, DOCX, PPT, PDF and PST etc., audio files, video files etc. We are using computer hard drive, USB external hard drive and flash memory cards, other removable media devices etc., to store the files. File deletion can be done when files are no… Read Article →

Tool to Restore Files after Computer Freezes

In computer definition, a computer freeze means there is no response for any of the input given by the users. This may be due to corrupt files or applications installed in PC’s. Even though we can come out of this situation by running CHKDSK command we can’t recover data lost during computer freeze.It  brings lot of stress Just relax; we can overcome this situation easily by using Computer File Recovery… Read Article →

Revival of Deleted Files

Recovery of deleted files has changed into a major concern of virtually every people. As nowadays data deletion happens frequently from the computer professionals. There are many reasons data deletion on Windows and also on Mac based system. Sometimes, you have deleted data normally on Windows or Mac based system normally, then these deleted data stored inside Windows Bin or Mac Trash. Situation becomes crucial if you delete data even… Read Article →

Software to Unerase Files on System

Did you accidentally erase some of the essential files from PC? Don’t worry!! just relax, it is possible to restore lost or erased files from a system. Whatever might be the situation, you can restore all your deleted / missing files and folders. First of all, you should have knowledge about what will happen after a file go missing or erased from system hard disk drive. Only the directory entry… Read Article →

Corrupt PowerPoint file repair tool

Power point is presentation graphics software in the Microsoft office Suite. Using PowerPoint, you can use its easy-to-use predefined layouts, or even templates for creating a dynamic and professional presentation. The current versions of PowerPoint are Microsoft office PowerPoint 2010 for Windows operating system and MS Office PowerPoint 2011 for Mac OS. This application has the ability to give a professional touch to each and every topic of presentations. It… Read Article →

Introduction to Mac operating system

Mac operating-system is the most favored computer system, that has been developed by Apple. It is fundamentally the system software its most attractive feature will be the graphical user interface. Mac operating system was specifically designed for 68k Motorola processor and was named as “Mac system software” in the beginning. The very first version of Mac operating system was single user based operating-system. The GUI was super easy to make… Read Article →

How you can undelete files from Recycle bin

What is Recycle bin? The Bin is similar to the wastebasket in your desktop, which stores deleted files and folders of the computer. You can launch trash by double clicking the icon present on your desktop. It keeps the deleted files, restore the files from bin, and you can also delete files from bin in order to save the disk space. Recover deleted items from Trash Sometimes, you might delete… Read Article →