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Data recovery on corrupt Western digital hard drive

Hard drives are the best source to storage devices to store and fetch different data files. The hard drives also called external hard drives are used on different computer systems and laptops to store its important data files. The various brands of hard drives available today are Western Digital, Seagate, Sony, etc. Western Digital hard drive is one of the popular brand among all the other brands. Various data can… Read Article →

Crashed hard drive recovery from third party tool

It is not just the matter, if you paid bugs to purchase your system or laptops or any other device like for your home or business purpose, but you will find the data which have to be saved into the hard disk. Whatever the data you are saving on the system is somewhere important for the user as it could be the data for official user, personal storage etc, etc…. Read Article →

Methods to Restore File from Hard Disk in Macintosh Operating-System X

A hard drive is mass storage device this is utilized to keep the permanent information like main system, programs, and user files. The information which is stored on the hard disk is erasable and will be overwritten. It is just a non volatile storage medium, which means it doesn’t require energy to keep the info on it. The information that’s written on hard disk is binary format that means it… Read Article →

Guidelines to recover lost FAT partition.

Partitions are the logical division of hard disk drive. You can partition the hard disk drives into number of logical drives as per your convenience using the Disk Management utility in Windows. FAT (File Allocation Table) is file system in Windows operating system, which is commonly used in most of the computers, digital cameras, flash memory cards etc. FAT16 supports volumes up to 4 GB, and FAT32 can support volumes upto… Read Article →

How to recover file from external hard drive

Hard drives are non-volatile storage structures for multimedia devices, such as computers. A hard drive stores the data in the form of concentric rings on the magnetic disk, which resides on hard drive. The hard drives can be internal hard drives like hard disk drive of PC or external hard drives, which includes flash drives like memory cards, SD cards, pen drives, memory stick, etc. As compared to internal hard… Read Article →