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Software to Recover Deleted HFS Partition on Mac OS

“Hello there! Recently while creating partitions using Disk Utility on my MacBook, I accidently deleted a partition which contained an important document on it, without taking a proper backup. After some time I realized the mistake which I did. I became anxious about this situation because, it’s a very important document to me, and I checked out on the disk utility whether any option is available to roll back the… Read Article →

Software to Recover ExFAT Partition

ExFAT is file system is utilized for high speed information exchange on external storage gadgets like memory card, flash drive, pen drive and Thumb drive and so forth. ExFAT partition offers progressed features, which can change from NTFS to ExFAT or vice versa on any Operating System and it has larger storage space which can store documents more than 4GB. Even though having such features, at times information loss or… Read Article →

Easiest way to retrieve partition data from Window 7 system

Are you a Windows 7 user who has lost data from system partition? Further, you are willing to recover lost data at any cost then you are at right destination. You can recover every bit of data from lost partition by making use of My Partition Recovery. Along with Windows 7, you can make use of this tool to recover lost partition data on other versions of Windows such as… Read Article →