Differentiating a partition and a drive for file recovery

Most people consider a computer partition and a computer drive to be almost synonymous. They are different in that the partition is as it would imply a part of a drive or more specifically a space on a drive. Still we rightfully confuse them. In terms of data recovery partition recovery software points us in the direction of recovering files stored on a partition and in this case that partition being a portion of a computer hard drive. Deleted partition recovery refers to the scanning for and finding of all files stored on a specific partition that were marked as deleted during the process of reinstalling our Windows operating system.

When we use a graphic user interface or a text version of the Windows install we are at some point prompted as to whether or not we would like to delete the existing partition before reinstalling Windows. It is only logical that we would want to delete the old before adding the new. But amazingly most people forget that deleting the existing partition also deletes all of their stored files.