Email backup software for Windows

If you are a Microsoft Windows user, it is fairly possible that you are using Outlook as your email browser. Outlook is an efficient email client. Actually it is a database where in you can store all the business contacts, meetings schedules, journals, notes, tasks, and much more, business related information.

The PST file i.e. the personal storage folder file is the Outlook database which is stored at a specific location on your hard drive or if you are storing your email messages in a centralized manner, then it will be stored in the mailbox on a Microsoft Exchange mail server.

Taking a backup your Outlook email database on a regular basis is a very good idea. One way to back up Outlook is to use the Outlook Auto Archive feature to move messages to an archive folder at regularly scheduled intervals.

In order to make Email backup in Outlook by using Auto Archive, follow the below steps:

1. Click on the main menu, then select Tools menu item, then select Options, and finally select the Other tab in it.

2. Select and click on AutoArchive button.

3. Schedule the AutoArchive option, i.e. in how many days it should run

4. Check all the options that are provided and which you would like to run.

5. Click on “Apply these settings to all folders now” button it will override any default archive settings that are specified previously on pst files.

By using the backup you can recover deleted pst file by just clicking on the import and export option in Outlook and selecting the most recent backup.