Guidelines to recover lost FAT partition.


Partitions are the logical division of hard disk drive. You can partition the hard disk drives into number of logical drives as per your convenience using the Disk Management utility in Windows. FAT (File Allocation Table) is file system in Windows operating system, which is commonly used in most of the computers, digital cameras, flash memory cards etc. FAT16 supports volumes up to 4 GB, and FAT32 can support volumes upto 2 terabytes. FAT32 is highly flexible then FAT16, so the root folder on FAT32 can be located anywhere on the drive. There are many more advantages of FAT32 over FAT16, they are more efficient as it uses small clusters, and they are more robust. Loss of any partition from hard drive is loss of data so, to recover lost FAT partition on Windows, you have to use good partition recovery software like Remo Recover (Windows) Pro Edition.

While bootup process if you encounter an error message such as “Reboot and Select proper Boot device” or “Error loading operating system”, it means the corruption of FAT partition, which can cause serious partition loss situation. If the partition table, which have all the details of all the partition on Windows is corrupted you will encounter an error saying “Bad or missing partition table”, in this scenario too, you might end up with FAT partition loss. If accidentally, you have deleted any of your FAT partition from your computer, then it is lost because it does not go to the Recycle Bin so there is no way to recover it back from there, you have to use third party utility software to recover lost partition. There can be other reasons such as if you have unintentionally formatted the FAT partition or from the existing partition if you are trying to create new partition, you might format the existing partition and might lose the FAT partition. INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE may make your computer to stop in-between its working process with the blue screen. This many occur because of registry key corruption or corrupted partition. In this scenario, you may lose the FAT partition.

While resizing the existing partition, virus infection, and power failure can also be the root reasons for FAT partition loss. However, whatever is the reason for partition loss, partition recovery is important. For minor corruption in the partition, you can use “Chkdsk” utility in your computer, which will check and fix the errors with the corrupted FAT partition. But, in case if you have severe problem with the FAT partition then it’s better to make use of good partition recovery software to recover lost FAT partition. The best one, which is available in market, is Remo Recover Windows Pro edition.

Remo recover software is the strongest recovery tool, which is very good in fixing all your data from lost FAT partition. This software uses complex algorithm to recover lost partition. All the data including files, images, documents, audio/video files, applications etc will be recovered. Demo version of this software is available. You can download it, which will scan your entire hard drive in lesser time for lost partition. You can use ‘Save Recovery Session’ option to save the scanned information so you do not have to rescan the drive after activating the software.  If you are satisfied, you can have the original licensed version and can recover lost FAT partition.