How complicated recovery of data from PCs actually isn’t

To most people the words data recovery imply a complicated process that they feel they will never have need for. Believe it or not, all of us are experienced in one form of data recovery or another. Any time you enter your Windows recycle bin and restore a file or folder you are using that process to recover data that might have been lost had you emptied the bin.

Commercial data recovery requires one to access computer hard drives and from those drives retrieve files to which access is being denied. The reasons for this denial may be as simple as a lost password or as complicated as a major system crash on a raid five array. Most of our need to recover data centers on accidentally deleting files. We do this by using powerful third party programs able to recognize deleted file content, much as one does when restoring Windows recycle bin files, to scanned for our lost files and allow us to copy them to a new secure location.