How to Perform File Recovery on Windows or Mac System?

Computers are used for personal and professional work in homes, offices, industries, shops etc. In computer hard drive people store lots of important files such as documents, photos, videos, audios etc. If you find your important files are missing due to some known or unknown reasons, then you are annoyed. For example if a company manager accidentally deletes some important documents of company, then the company management gets disturbed due to loss of documents. Deleted documents cannot be recovered manually. Now the manager needs to recover deleted document files at any cost.

photo-recovery-7The one and only solution to restore lost/deleted files is to make use of some file restoring tools. File Store software is one of the efficient and reliable software which has in-built algorithm that scans the lost or deleted files in few simple steps.

Reasons behind loss of files are as follows:

Deletion: Whenever you delete a file, the deleted file moves in Recycle Bin (Windows) or Trash (Mac). If necessary, you can restore deleted files from Recycle Bin or Trash. However if you delete a file using Shift + Delete (Windows) or Command + Delete (Mac) keys, then deleted files are not stored in Recycle Bin or Trash. As a result you may suffer data loss from Windows or Mac system.

Files Bypass from Recycle Bin: As said in above scenario, all deleted files gets stored in Recycle Bin. Recycle Bin have limited memory to store deleted files. If you delete files when the Recycle Bin exceeds its memory limit, then the files stored in Recycle Bin will bypass.

Unreliable Third Party Tools: There are both reliable and unreliable tools. If you use any unreliable software to do some task, then there are chances of deletion or corruption of files.

Other Reasons: Apart from the above reasons there are many reasons behind loss of files, such as emptying Recycle Bin or Trash, improper shutdown during file transfer, files attacked by virus, defrag failure etc.

Now you know about the reasons behind loss of files. To restore all the important lost or deleted files you need to use effective software. File Restore software is very effective toolkit to perform file recovery task and it is widely used throughout the world with positive results.

Features of File Recovery Software:

  • Files deleted using Shift + Delete keys (Windows) or Command + Delete keys (Mac) can also be recovered by this software.
  • Files lost due to accidental formatting of hard drive, flash drive etc can also be recovered by this tool.
  • “Save Recovery Session” is the unique feature of the File Recovery software. This software scans the hard drive and stores all details of deleted files in save recovery file. So that there is no need to rescan the hard drive again, to save recovered files.
  • This restoring software can be applicable for different versions of MS Windows (Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows 10 etc) and Mac (Lion, Mountain Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard etc) operating systems.

Precautionary measures to avoid loss of files:

  • Use UPS to avoid power surge during any process.
  • Use antivirus to protect hard drive from attack of virus.
  • Backup your files, so that if data is lost, you can copy from backup files.