How to recover file from external hard drive

Hard drives are non-volatile storage structures for multimedia devices, such as computers. A hard drive stores the data in the form of concentric rings on the magnetic disk, which resides on hard drive. The hard drives can be internal hard drives like hard disk drive of PC or external hard drives, which includes flash drives like memory cards, SD cards, pen drives, memory stick, etc. As compared to internal hard drives, external hard drives are small, no moving parts, high accessing speed, re recordable, portable, platform independent and available at lesser prices. These all are the properties with external hard drive, which makes it more popular and desirable in today’s era. As they are portable and compatible with many multimedia devices and platforms, they are open to get corrupted very easily. In this scenario,  external hard drive file recovery becomes very important step, to be taken.  So, how you can recover files from external hard drive if it gets deleted or lost from it. The only answer is, by using good data recovery, third party utility software such as “Remo recover (Windows) – Pro edition”.

There can be many scenarios when there is a possibility that your data is lost or deleted from external hard drive like SD card or pen drive.  Few scenarios are discussed below:

  • If you use same external hard drive over different devices then they can get easily corrupted. Consider if you are using memory card first in your mobile phone then in your PC and then transferring the card to your digital camera and so on. This might result in file loss from the memory card.
  • Memory cards weakest point is at, its socket connector, which is used when it is plugged or unplugged to any other devices. If it is handled carelessly or trying to insert it at wrong port etc can result in the file loss from it.
  • If you have connected your external hard drive to your system and accidentally deleted few important documents from it, then it will not go to the Recycle Bin of your PC, it is simply lost.
  • One-way in which your files from external hard drive can be lost during transfer operation. If you are transferring files from PC to your external hard drive or vice-versa and if you interrupt the transfer process by unplugging the drive or by cancelling the process etc there is a possibility of losing the file.
  • Accidentally formatting the external hard drive can also results in complete file wipe.

Whenever the files are deleted or lost from the external hard drive, the pointers pointing to the files in the file table is erased, but the data remains until the data is overwritten by new data. So, in case if you have accidentally lost your file  from external hard drive then stop adding any new data to it and use recovery software to recover lost file from external hard drive. One of the best available in market is Remo recover (Windows) – Pro edition.

Remo Recover software uses complex build in algorithms to diagnose and recover all the lost or deleted files from external hard drive. This software is having many advanced options and recovers data from SATA / SCSI / IDE hard drives, XD cards, SD cards, MMC flash memory cards, iPods etc. You can download the free demo version to recover all your lost files. Later you can buy the original software to save the recovered data.