How to repair mov files?

MOV file format is the MPEG 4 video file format. It was released in the year 1998. It is used in Apple’s QuickTime program. The .MOV file format is connected with QuickTime Player only.

QuickTime Media Player is compatible with both Windows OS and Macintosh operating systems. Due to its compatibility it is used across all over the globe. But there are many instances of MOV files getting corrupted. Now get us go through them.

Some of the most common reasons for MP4 file corruption are as follows:

Due to external threats: This is nothing but MOV files may get corrupted because of some external threats like virus and malware attacks. By these virus attacks the files becomes inaccessible by the users.

Changing the file format: You may in need of changing MP4 file format to any other file formats. If at that time there is much probability of file corruption. You need to change the file format by using reliable third party tool only. If at the time of conversion any error occurs then it causes corruption of the entire file.

Using an inappropriate media player: Usually you can play the MP4 files by using Quick Time Player, Apple iTunes and also by using other different players. When you are using some unsupportable players to play that particular file then the file may get corrupted.

Incomplete file transfer: This situation happens when you are transferring MP4 files from one storage device to the computer system if any interruption happens at that time like some sudden power surges, shut down of the system, hard disk failure all these are the situations where the MOV files get corrupted.

Now to overcome the above mentioned loss situations of MOV files you need to have a backup of essential files. In some cases you may not have option for backup in such scenarios you need to use efficient software in order to get back all your files. That is nothing but by using Repair MOV Software.

Features of Repair MOV Software:

This MOV repair tool can repair all the damaged and corrupted large sized MOV, MP4 files. This has the ability to repair corrupted, damaged MOV, MP4 files which are not playing on Quick Time Player. Before saving the files which are repaired only you can easily view all the files which are repaired.

Steps to download repair software:

Step 1: Firstly download and install the repair software and then next launch the software. When you launch the software a new window appears. Click on “Open” button to upload all the corrupted files.

Step 2: The next thing you need to do is to click on “Repair” button so that the repairing process will starts.

Step 3: After the repair process has been started then you can see the progress of the repairing process in a new window.

Step 4: There is one more option for previewing the recovered files. That is done by using “Preview repaired file” option you can view the files.