Know Which Music Streaming App Is Right for You among Spotify, Apple Music, Rdio and Rhapsody

In the olden days people used to listen the music from CD’s and later MP3 format existed and in the current market is blowing by streaming. This is the latest technology where you can pay and download any number of songs in the Cloud service or the in your storage device. Also you can upload your own songs along with the present songs in the streaming service.

apple-music-versusThe biggest advantage of this is you don’t want to shell out money, to hear a new song every time. The disadvantage of this is once you cancel the subscription, then you cannot access to the music and also internet connection is needed to stream the songs easily.

If you want to switch for plunge with streaming then there are copies of options. There are many similarities between them, that includes price, but to tell you that which one is the best for you its very difficult. In this article you may find out which one is the top music streaming service, and the offerings of the plus lesser.

Now let us discuss in details about the Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and Google Play Music.


This is the most well known streaming service and the focus is on social sharing and curation. Also you can find new music and your friends can be connected about it. The home page of the Spotify in the mobile apps and desktop shows off the newest releases. And for different moods, genres or activities plus themed playlists such as pop ballads or cardio workout. There are many changes throughout the day and new tunes will be highlighted. Also the top music charts can be browsed from your location and other parts of the world.

Apple Music:

In 2014 Apple purchased Beats Music, Apple has released its own streaming music called Apple Music. The service is keen like Beats Music on getting to know your music tastes and your favorite artists and genres can be asked to identify your favorite. To recommend playlist and albums will be used and will find throughout the app.


Tidal is the new streaming service that was launched by hip-hop mogul Jay Z. The main focus of this was on HD music videos and high fidelity music. The cost of it is $19.99 is more than the most of its competitors.