Methods to Recover Files from Formatted Hard Drive

Hello all, is it possible to recover files after formatting hard drive? Day before yesterday, I gave my laptop to a friend, has he need to do some project work. He connected pen drive to the laptop and want to format it, instead of formatting pen drive he formatted one of my laptop’s hard drive partition by mistake and I lost all the data stored in that hard drive completely. The partition was containing all my important files like videos, company’s data, audios, pictures and many more. By any condition I need to get back those files, any suggestion would be appreciated.hard drive images

Now, let’s have some brief description about hard drive. What is it and why it is used? A  hard disk is used for reading the data from and writing data into hard drive. These storage devices come with different size. It allows user to store large amount of files. The capacity hard drives are increasing day by day, the pressure of losing important files and folders from hard drive are also increased.

Various data loss scenarios that is stored in the hard drive:

  • Viruses, Trojan, malware or any other malicious program works as a destructive program. When it enters anyone’s system hard drive may infect the data stored or even the file system of hard drive. If the file system gets affected then the operating system fails to locate the files from the drive. This prompts user to format the drive that may cause data loss situation.
  • Due to formation of bad sectors in the hard drive. It will be difficult for the user to access the data stored in hard disk or files may become invisible. Because of this, user might format hard drive and might lost all the data.
  • The hard drive partition in which data are stored may sometime become RAW partition suddenly. Because of this user has left with one option and that is to format it. If want to reuse that drive for storing files in future.
  • During re-installation of operating system, user might format the wrong hard drive partition that contains important files and folders, instead of formatting the previously installed operating system drive. This may lead to loss of all the data stored.
  • In some other cases there may be nothing wrong with the storage media, but the file may become lost due to it being accidentally erased or due to failure of power cause data loss problem.

Benefits of Formatted Hard Drive Recovery software:

The data which are lost or deleted or become inaccessible due to above stated reasons or some other reasons can be retrieved easily Formatted Hard Drive Recovery software. This tool helps user to recover files after formatting hard drive of different interface such as IDE, SATA, SCSI, etc. It is developed by the group of IT professional experts. User can install this software for restoring data after formatting hard drive on both Windows and Mac operating system.