Need to know how to retrieve deleted photos from storage device?

In this digital world, there are different storage medium like hard disk drives, flash memory card, USB flash drives and external hard disk drives which are used to store information on very large scale. The data includes photos of your last summer vacation, funny video recordings, favorite movies etc. which are stored on these external storage devices in the form of files and folders. One of the best secondary data storage medium is external USB flash drives which are built with premium component, various sizes, looks and storage capacities as per the need of the end user.

With the help of these USB flash drives it is easy to transfer files from one system to another and you can carry them wherever you travel because of its handy use and capability to hold large amount of data. There are chances in which you might lose your memorable photographs stored on these Edge DiskGo USB flash drives as a result of variable factors like accidental deletion of pictures, virus intrusion, power surge, hard drive crash etc.

The completion solution for the entire data loss problem is third party data recovery tool. USB drive recovery tool is the foremost data recovery tool which can efficiently retrieve deleted photos, movies, video clips etc. stored on the drive just in few mouse clicks. However, there are some instances which make you to suffer loss of your valuable data stored on these data storage devices.

Reasons for losing precious pictures from storage device:

  • Ejection of memory card from the camera or from the memory card reader when the pictures are being transferred or downloaded may corrupt the memory card resulting in inaccessibility of the data which in turn leads to data loss.
  • Accidentally or knowingly deletion of partitions from computer’s hard disk, USB flash drive or deletion of data from the drive by formatting causes huge loss of stored data.
  • If you delete any precious photo from the Edge DiskGo USB drive by mistake then the deleted photo will not be moved to Recycle Bin, the file will bypass the Bin and leads to loss of data.
  • When USB drive is connected to a virus infected PC then the drive may also get infected with malicious viruses. This corrupts the stored files in the drive by making it inaccessible to you resulting in data loss.

In case you face any of the data loss scenarios mentioned above then avoid using the storage drive from which you have deleted or lost the data. . It is always advised to regularly update the backup copy of significant data and save it in some external storage medium so that after losing data you can easily retrieve it from the backup copy. If your backup copy fails to get back your lost data then no need to worry, just go ahead and try USB drive recovery tool which will allow you to retrieve deleted pictures from any storage mediums like Edge DiskGo USB flash drive, memory cards, pen drives, computers hard disks, external hard disk drives etc. at your fingertips.

Try the demo version of the software and install it on the hard disk drive of your system.  Then open the installed software by double clicking on the desktop icon and select appropriate recovery options which you get while working with the software. After the picture retrieving process gets over you can check the performance of the software and if you are pleased with the results you can download its full version available on the internet.