Find an Easy Way to Recover Files after CHKDSK

  “Few weeks back I did CHKDSK on my computer and after doing that some of the important files which I had collected from various sources abruptly got deleted. I should have taken backup of those important files before doing this CHKDSK operation. Had I done that, I would not have been in this stage. I don’t know what I have to do to recover files deleted after CHKDSK. Can… Read Article →

Steps for Using Hard Drive Data Recovery Software

Last day I was working on my Windows system. I connected USB drive to transfer movies. The USB drive contain lots of virus as a result of which virus enters into the system. Due to virus attack, files stored in hard drive get corrupted and become inaccessible. In order to avoid virus attack, I was forced to format my drives. Now I want to bring back my deleted files from… Read Article →

How to Perform File Recovery on Windows or Mac System?

Computers are used for personal and professional work in homes, offices, industries, shops etc. In computer hard drive people store lots of important files such as documents, photos, videos, audios etc. If you find your important files are missing due to some known or unknown reasons, then you are annoyed. For example if a company manager accidentally deletes some important documents of company, then the company management gets disturbed due… Read Article →

Perfect Tool to Recover Files from Hard Drive

Loss of data from hard disk is quite common to be heard by individuals in day today existence. It’s not a big issue to solve just you need to utilize your device carefully. To recover hard disk is very easy using Recover My Hard Drive software. You can recover deleted files from hard drive effortlessly because this software programs are given with the snaps shots. Each step is pointed out… Read Article →

How to Recover Files from Recycle Bin?

  Recycle Bin is a special type of container folder that comprises all deleted files. It formally called as temporary storage folder. Windows Recycle Bin assures to hold your data unless and until data being exceed beyond its size limit, deleted from it etc. But data ones deleted from Recycle Bin cannot be restored or recovered manually on Windows operating system. Under such circumstances instead of worrying about the loss!… Read Article →

Methods to Recover Files from Formatted Hard Drive

Hello all, is it possible to recover files after formatting hard drive? Day before yesterday, I gave my laptop to a friend, has he need to do some project work. He connected pen drive to the laptop and want to format it, instead of formatting pen drive he formatted one of my laptop’s hard drive partition by mistake and I lost all the data stored in that hard drive completely…. Read Article →

How to Recover Data from Mac System

Nowadays everywhere like in office, home, hospitals, school, Mac systems are used by peoples to save their data such as, documents, reports, photos, songs, movies, etc. So it is proved that computers are the most important in human life. Many people capture photos and store them in the system, so it is become good way to store photos which is often readily available and also useful to move into other… Read Article →

Know How to Repair AVI Video File

AVI stands for Audio Video Interleave which is developed by Microsoft. AVI stores sound and moving pictures in RIFF (Resource Interchange File Format) format and this multimedia format is compatible with any type of media player such as VLC, Windows media player and so on. AVI works in both platform of operating system either Windows operating system or Mac OS X. But sometimes users faced a problem that AVI files… Read Article →

How to Recover Data After Formatting Hard Drive

“Hi everyone, some of my project documents has been deleted due to formatted hard drive. Is there is any way through which I can recover files after disk format? One of my friends told me that the deleted files are still on hard drive and it can be recovered back. Is recovery is really possible???Plzzz help me out!!” Yes, it is possible!!! Your friend is absolutely right, the deleted documents… Read Article →

Software to Recover Deleted HFS Partition on Mac OS

“Hello there! Recently while creating partitions using Disk Utility on my MacBook, I accidently deleted a partition which contained an important document on it, without taking a proper backup. After some time I realized the mistake which I did. I became anxious about this situation because, it’s a very important document to me, and I checked out on the disk utility whether any option is available to roll back the… Read Article →