Recuing different types of images files after data loss

Programs for digital photo recovery are made necessary by the contrasting and different image file types commonly associated with photographs. Many of these files are huge in size and extremely subtle in variation. They can be divided into what is known as the lossless or lossy files. As these two names would imply certain file types are more compressed and condensed then others. The original file type for many camera manufacturers is a proprietary format known as a RAW file.

Other common digital image file types are TIFFs, JPGs and PNGs. Each of these has advantages and disadvantages in use. Programs designed to recover photos that have been lost due to deletion or corruption must be able to recognize both the extension of these file types and their inherent file structure. Restoring a deleted digital image file is one of the more difficult data recovery processes. When choosing a digital photo recovery program be certain that the one you purchase will work with your camera files.