Software to Recover Data from USB Flash Drive

USB flash drive is a portable memory device used to transfer data from one system to the other. Usually USB flash drives are small storage devices and are useful to store data as a backup also. Nowadays many featured brands are manufacturing USB flash drive such as HP, Aegis, Toshiba, Verbatim, SanDisk, Centor, PNY, Transcend, etc. Any type of files can be saved in the USB flash drive such as video files, image files, audio files, documents, etc. USB flash drive can also be connected to the mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets via USB cable.

Despite of all the above features of the USB flash drive there are many chances of files getting deleted or lost from USB flash drive. Suppose you have saved some important files in your USB flash drive and while using it on computer you have clicked format option accidentally. Now all the files present in the USB flash drives will get deleted completely and now you cannot recover them manually. This incident is very much regretting to you and now you have to recover all the files from USB flash drives. The only option left to recover the lost data from the USB flash drive is using the third party USB file recovery tool.

Scenarios of data loss from the USB flash drives:

Bad Sectors: Usually bad sectors will occur to only portable memory devices because these devices will be randomly removing and inserting in many systems. Actually bad sectors are just physical damage to the USB flash drives. So if the bad sectors occur in the USB flash drives then the files present on those sectors will not be accessible.

Virus Infection: Virus is the main cause for the deletion or corruption of files from USB flash drives. There are more chances of USB flash drives getting attacked by the virus because it is connected to many devices. If you connect the USB flash drive to any virus infected system, then there are more chances of files getting deleted.

Improper Transfer: If you are transferring the files using Cut and Paste keys from the USB flash drive to the system and if the system gets abruptly turn off then there are chances of files getting deleted.

Different Reasons: Apart from the reasons that are mentioned above, there are many other reasons which may cause data loss. Some of them are due to accidental deletion or format, file system corruption, file header corruption, etc.

Now to recover the files lost due to any of the above reasons, you need to make use of effective USB file recovery software. Here is one of the effective and popular tools all around the worlds is Easy File Recovery software. This software is applicable for different versions of Mac and Windows operating system and it has an interface which is easy to use and there is no use of any technical knowledge to handle this software. This software has a demo version which is available for free and you can recover the deleted files and can preview the recovered files. For technical assistance, technical support is available for 24*7.