Software to Recover Deleted HFS Partition on Mac OS

“Hello there! Recently while creating partitions using Disk Utility on my MacBook, I accidently deleted a partition which contained an important document on it, without taking a proper backup. After some time I realized the mistake which I did. I became anxious about this situation because, it’s a very important document to me, and I checked out on the disk utility whether any option is available to roll back the process. But, this attempt ended with zero possibilities and hope! Finally, few of my buddies suggested me a wonderful utility to recover deleted HFS partition namely “My Undelete”. This tool helped me a lot for recovering all my documents from deleted partition. Thanks again from this wonderful tool.”

Mac operating system is one of the most secure OS’s available. In this OS, your files / documents will never be affected by virus or malware because; it ensures strict rules for handling third party tools. But, if you don’t access you system properly, your files / documents may go missing or deleted. So, if you ever encounter any data loss issues like accidental deletion of partitions, deleting the wrong partition etc. don’t panic or be worried.  Sit back and relax, because there is incredible way to retrieve deleted HFS partition  which got deleted due to various reasons in a hassle free approach. Before knowing about the tool, it is essential to know about partition deletion scenarios on Mac.

Some of the HFS partition deletion scenarios that you may come across on Mac:

  • Disk Utility: The Disk utility is an application which comes along all versions of Mac operating systems with which you can create partition, remove partition, modify the partition etc. If you work on this tool without having proper knowledge of it, may sometimes triggers deletion of HFS partitions.
  • OS Reinstallation: During Operating system reinstalling if there is any sort of interruption occurred, your partition may get deleted.
  • Accidental Formatting: While formatting your hard disk instead of selecting an unwanted partition you may unintentionally select an important partition, which can cause deletion of all data present on that partition.  
  • Terminal: Using the Terminal features of Mac OS in an improper manner may result in deletion of your partition.
  • Other Reasons: Other reasons which can include in deletion of HFS partition are OS crash, hard disk failure, intentional deletion of partition and also while creating new partition using certain reliable third party application can delete your existing partition etc.

If you’re facing any issues due to deleted HSF partition, simple use my undeleted partition recovery utility to perform an efficient recovery.

Features of HFS partition recovery software:

By making use of this retrieve HFS partition recovery application you can easily recover deleted partitions on following Mac operating systems like Lion, Snow Leopard, Leopard, Yosemite etc.  This application not only recuses data from file format like HFS. But, also from HFS+, HFSX, FAT, FAT 32 so on. It also allows restoring the data from unformatted, formatted and lost partitions on Mac operating systems.