Software to Unerase Files on System

Did you accidentally erase some of the essential files from PC? Don’t worry!! just relax, it is possible to restore lost or erased files from a system. Whatever might be the situation, you can restore all your deleted / missing files and folders. First of all, you should have knowledge about what will happen after a file go missing or erased from system hard disk drive. Only the directory entry of that files get deleted, but the actual content will reside in that same memory space. Therefore, one can have a chance to restore erased files successfully, until that memory space is occupied by some other data files. You can unerase files by using File Recovery tool.

Your files may go missing from the system because of some external threats like virus or malware attack, due to this Operating System or hard drive may get corrupt. Formatting is the extreme solution to clean up viruses from system, but this process results in huge amount of data loss. This can be a  heart breaking scenario to the user who saved lots of presentation files, which will take longer time to recreate. How do I recover a lost PowerPoint presentation files? If this is your query, then File Recovery application will be the ultimate solution. Within a couple of minutes you can restore lost PPT files using this software. You can restore any kind of data files within least number of steps.

Let us discuss some reasons for data loss:

  • Files get erased permanently when you delete files using Shift + Delete keys.
  • Due to abrupt system shut down while moving files to/from removable storage devices.
  • Deleting files on Windows Recycle Bin or Mac Trash, while restoring can sometimes accidentally delete the files leading to data loss.
  • Unauthenticated third party utilities may also erase files without your notice.
  • Accidentally deleting system partitions or formatting HD drive results in loss of entire data files preserved in it.
  • Unintentionally deleting files on removable devices also leads to permanent deletion of files.

To overcome from these kind of scenarios, a group of experts designed a reliable File Recovery application.  It can undelete excel files, project documents, PPT’s, word documents, PDF files as well as photo, music track, video clips, etc. It can support Windows as well as Mac OS and also restores missing files from external storage devices such as flash drives, media cards, external hard drives, etc.

Significant features of Files Recovery tool:

File Recovery application has been created with a prominent recovery engine and search algorithms, which help to restore erased files. It is capable to retrieve files even after OS re-installation. You can also restore lost files from the formatted secure digital card or compact flash card. This tool can restore files deleted from Recycle Bin or Trash. It supports to restore missing files from FAT, FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS, NTFS 5, HFS+ and HFS partitions. You can also undelete archived files lost due to partition reformatting.

Its simple and user friendly interface supports to restore lost files easily. Make use of free demo version to evaluate the recovery results. If you satisfied with recovery outcomes, then purchase licensed version to save recovery results on your local machine. You can also save recovered files on any accessible storage devices including CD/DVD’s.