Superior Tool to Retrieve Formatted Flash Drive Data

In early era of technology CD/DVD disk were most used devices to store data. But after invention of flash drive the trend of using CD/DVD replaced drastically. Flash drives are the awesome devices made up of advance features like huge storage capacity, portability because it’s smaller in size and easily fits in your pocket, etc. Due to all these advance features these devices are used worldwide. Many people make use of these devices to carry data that are important to your work.

Despite of all its good features you may lose data from the flash drives. There are several known and unknown reasons of data loss from USB drives. One of the most common data loss scenarios is unintentional formatting of flash drive. Usually it happens when you use USB drives with computers to copy data you may face sudden interruption in data transfer process due to sudden shutdown of computers. Sudden shut down of computer may occur on account of various errors like operating system crash, frequent power failure, hardware errors, etc. In all these situation if the data transfer process gets interrupted then the file system of flash drive will get damaged. Hence the system may prompt you to format the flash drive. Formatting of flash drive will empty the drive and make it ready to copy new files in the flash drive.

In such situation you should be alert to avoid copying new file because the data you lost from flash drive can still be recovered even after formatting. Truly the data you lost from USB drives is still present in memory location but you will not be able to see it. If you copy any new files in flash drive then the data present in the flash drive will be overwritten by new data files.

There is a flash drive data recovery application developed to restore files from formatted flash drive. This utility is best recommended by all industry experts that can proficiently retrieves data from formatted drives. It contains best recovery methods to recover files from damaged or formatted storage devices. It has ability to deep scan the entire memory space of flash drive and it check for data lost by using unique file signature of data files and recovers the data in few steps.

Apart from these feature this application also contains some of advance features like:

  • It contains log of most commonly used file types, in case if you have lost file whose file signature is not available in file signature log then this application provides you facility to search particular file lost from formatted flash drive.
  • You can make use of this application on computers having least hardware configuration and it can also be used on PC’s having old versions of Mac or Windows operating system.
  • It supports all types of data storage device with advance features, some of them are USB drives with huge storage capacity, micro storage devices, etc. to have information on how to get back files from USB drive click on this link:
  • It has unique ability to get back data having larger file size.
  • After recovery process you can preview the files.