The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Vs The iPad Pro

By the arrival of Microsoft Surface Pro 4, the tablet market around the globe has been diverting to make a place for a new gadget war, IE, the iPad Pro vs the Microsoft Surface Pro 4. Off course, Microsoft has done well to develop this tablet. But, it has to answer when the real question comes, whether the features of this device is competent enough to deal with a device like iPad Pro. Well, this article compares each of these device’s features in a nutshell. Just check this page, if you want to conduct a deep level study on various features of these gadgets.

Availability of Apps

One of the main priorities of users while selecting a right tablet of them lies in the availability of apps. Surface Pro 4 runs on the full stack version of Windows 10. As you all know, Windows systems possess a considerable advantage of Mac systems because of the number of tools available for that platform. But actually it won’t give an advantage to Surface Pro, since Mac App store contains over one million apps which can be easily use on an iPad Pro machine. There is also one important point to consider, most of the apps on App store are especially developed for touch-based devices.

How the Performance Matters?

If you go through an in depth-analysis of each of these devices, you may find that the performance of an iPad Pro device as equivalent to Intel i5. While considering Surface Pro, things can change. Actually, Surface Pro 4 comes with 3 variants, an entry level having i3 level performance, a mid-range device with i5 processing power and a device with i7 processor.

In terms of screen resolution, you may not able to find out any considerable differences between these devices. But considering graphic performance, iPad pro has slight advantage over Surface Pro 4. Same with the case of gaming experience.

Which Device should I buy?

This decision is solely depend on you. If you are looking for a tablet as the replacement for a laptop, surely Surface Pro may win the race since it provides lots of additional features including smart keyboard. But if your target is on a high-end tablet, then Surface Pro offers little competition against iPad. Anyhow, purchasing a smart keyboard, you can also use iPad Pro for laptop purposes too.