There are number of ways in which PST can be repaired

The user uses Outlook as the emailing tool which is dedicatedly produced by Microsoft to give the client user an environment. Outlook gives user a platform in which uses can work offline and after can convert those of line into online attributes. The first Outlook was launched by Microsoft in the year 2000 which was enriched with so less features and was not powerful as the new version are. As the versions of the Outlook launched the enhancement comes with them and they were so good to work with them providing more options and features.

In the year 2000 the first version was launched and then later on comes 2003, 2007 and lastly comes the 2010 which was more powerful as compared to the older ones. The main difference was in the size of PST files which was 2 GB in the older version then it was extended to 20 GB then to 50 GB.

The first product was launched in the year 2000, then comes 2003, 2007 and at last 2010. Firstly in the version 2000 the PST size was 2 GB which was less for the user and they generally met with the corruption of PST due to overflow of data in it. Removing this drawback the Microsoft launched other versions in which the size of PST was 20 GB which still have the chances to get corrupted but later they launched their product with no draw backs. They increase the size of PST to 50 GB which almost finished the chances for oversized PST. This product was built because if emailing servers is busy then you can do work offline.

Many scenarios were there which corrupts our PST and stop our Outlook from working. So there are some tools which facilitate us with the features to repair our corrupted PST files like there are PST repair tool for Outlook 2007 . TO do repairing of PST we have to download the software from internet. There are number of PST repair tools available.

Let’s have some scenarios which can corrupt our PST files.

  • System if unsecured that means system without antivirus can corrupt the files.
  • For portability purpose compressing, zipping the PST files.
  • If PST size exceeds from certain limits (in 2000, 2007).
  • Abrupt shut down of a system cause PST file corruption which stop our Outlook from working.

There are some precautions which have to be followed in order to abstain from the corruption of files and lastly from data loss or attributes loss which are the contents of PST files. Creation of backups for PST files, updated antivirus must be installed onto your system to desist from virus attack, mutual usage of PST files must be avoided with multiple users

Sometime after following these precautions the PST files get corrupted (oversized PST) then you need some tools to repair you PST so that you can work with your Outlook as before. Many trial tools versions download are available on internet. Better to download the trail version of the software and later if you finds that result was satisfactory then you can download the complete version of the software.