Tips and Tricks for Outlook Deleted Email Recovery

Are you looking to recover deleted emails from PST file? If yes then you are at right place in search of email recovery. It happens many times, people lose their important emails due to accidental deletion but don’t worry now technology reached its heights, you can recover lost or deleted emails from PST file as it was i.e. without any modification. PST file is nothing but the personal storage table which is created in MS Outlook while creating your account. MS Outlook is the powerful messaging client which is especially used for sending and receiving messages. Along with emails you can store personal details, contact list, calendar entries and many more Outlook items. If such important things are lost due to accidental deletion or due to any reasons then to recover such data you need to use Outlook recovery software. This Outlook recovery software helps to recover all lost Outlook items. Along with that, it is very efficient to recover deleted mails from PST file. There are lots of reasons due to which you lose your emails and other Outlook items from your PST file. Some of those reasons are mentioned below along with its precautionary steps,

Tips and Tricks to avoid deletion of emails and other Outlook data from PST file:

1] Avoid Oversize of PST file: Outlook PST file has its size limit as per its Outlook version e.g., Outlook 2000 supports 2GB PST file and  Outlook 2010 supports PST file. If you exceed this limit then it leads to oversize of PST file which results into loss of data. So before saving any data in PST file make sure that there is enough space to save more data in it.

2] Avoid sharing PST file: In organization many people uses the same PST file over a LAN/WAN network. During this sharing of file if any network connection occurs then it corrupts the PST file and leads to loss of emails. So, it is better to avoid sharing of PST file over LAN/WAN network.

3] Avoid operating on multiple emails at the same time: Operating on multiple emails at the same time leads to MS Outlook deadlock. Due to deadlocks, you need to close your Outlook application abruptly, and which results in loss of emails. So always avoid working on large number of emails simultaneously and keep in mind that does not shut down your system abruptly without closing Outlook application.

3] Virus and malware attack: Viruses and malware are the hazardous stuff which attack on Outlook application and due to which lose all stored emails, notes, journal etc. So keeping a strong updated antivirus is the best solution to avoid such kind of data loss from Outlook application.

4] Human Error: Accidental deletion of all emails from Outlook inbox folder, sent items folder etc. Sometimes, while accessing Outlook application you may unknowingly turn off your system. So in such kind of situation backup will be helpful for you so try to keep backup of your important emails on weekly basis.

These are the main data loss reasons and tips to avoid such data loss from Outlook but still many people lose emails and other data in such kind of situation Outlook recovery software is the best solution over it. This software is available in free demo version and it is one of the most effective and efficient software which helps to recover deleted/lost data from PST file. This software is compatible with Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010. You can click this link to download free demo version and try for recovery before purchasing this software.