Best Method of Repairing Zip and Zipx Files

The main purpose of Zip file is to reduce or compress the original size of a file. It doesn’t make any changes to its original file this is the main advantage using the Zip and Zipx files. The compression of data is nothing but reducing the overall size of the file, for this reason, it is used in a wide range. Zip files are very useful while sending over the internet because of its less size.

The Zip file normally uses the file extensions “.zip” and Zipx file uses the “.zipx” extension. It archives all types of files such as music file, video file, image file, text or document type file, etc. Each file is compressed and stored separately in a zip format. It is easy to extract the zip file, by simply unzipping it.

There are several reasons that lead to the Zip and Zipx file corruption:

  • When we are downloading the large sized of Zip file from the internet, there may be a cause of interruption i.e. network failure, CRC(cyclic redundancy check) errors, etc.
  • An archive is damaged or get corrupted due to some bad sectors presented in the hard drive
  • By using unknown compression method, data get damaged or corrupted.
  • While extracting the Zip and Zipx file, suddenly any interrupts occurred such as application failure, improper shout down of your computer, etc. cause the corruption.
  • Sometimes viruses may affect your Zip and Zipx files. Viruses and malware functions directly harm to the header of the Zip and Zipx files.

The above cases are saying that the corrupted Zip files can’t be accessed directly. So we need to repair the corrupted files by using the Corrupt File Repair software. This Zip repair software is most efficient and flexible while recovering the corrupted Zip files. This is comfortable with all types of an operating system like Windows, Mac, etc. The software repairs different type of Zip and Zipx files.

Important features of the software:

  • This is the most reliable utility to repair severely damaged or corrupted Zip and Zipx files.
  • The Zip repair software works even though files are protected by a password.
  • It quickly repairs large size Zip/Zipx files that corrupted due to download error, CRC error, utility failure, etc.
  • This is the read-only software and doesn’t make any changes to the original Zip file, therefore, it ensures secure and complete recovery of Zip file content after repair process.

Steps for Repairing Zip and Zipx Files

  • Download the demo version of the software and install on your system.
  • Once the installation gets over, you can free to run the software.
  • In the home screen of the software shows the “browse” button, it means that you need to browse and select your appropriate Zip or Zipx files by clicking on the browse button.
  • After selecting your particular Zip or Zipx file, and then click on the “Repair” button to start zip repair process.
  • This Software has powerful scanning algorithm which starts the scanning process for zipping and Zipx files. After completion of scanning process, you will get a set of files or folders from the compressed archive.
  • Then click on “next” button, it asks to select the desired folder where you want to save the repaired Zip and Zipx files.
  • By overview the complete repairing process, if you are convinced with the result, then click on “save” button to store the repaired files.