Best Way to Recover Deleted Files

Nowadays computers are playing important role in our day to day life, we are creating so many files everyday in computer such as document files like DOC, DOCX, PPT, PDF and PST etc., audio files, video files etc. We are using computer hard drive, USB external hard drive and flash memory cards, other removable media devices etc., to store the files.

File deletion can be done when files are no longer required or to free the memory space. In order to that you are deleting unnecessary files to free the memory space, instead of that if you delete important files unintentionally then it could be the big loss for you. In order to overcome this kind of situation simply makes use of Best File Retrieve software to recover deleted files.

Scenarios that causes deletion of file:

  • Accidental Deletion: Accidental deletion occurs when you deleting unnecessary files if you delete the important files unknowingly using Shift + Delete keys it could lead to permanent deletion.
  • Deletion from command prompt: If you delete files from command prompt, the files get deleted permanently without storing in Recycle Bin.
  • Deletion of Big Files: When you delete the big sized files such as more than storage capacity of Recycle Bin, then the deleted files by passes the Recycle Bin folder this kind of situation may lead to permanent deletion.
  • Power Surge: If you are transferring files from your computer to external storage device due to sudden power loss your computer turn off suddenly, then also there may be the chance of getting deletion of files.

With the using of Best File Recovery software you can recover data from above mentioned scenarios which causes file deletion, we can also recover deleted files from some other scenarios such as virus attacks, Third party application and emptying Recycle Bin and Trash folder etc. However the file deletion occurs, the Best File Recovery software recovers the deleted files.

Best File Recovery software has built in deep scanning algorithm and an entire drive can be scanned within few minutes In this software you have a feature called “Save Recovery Session”, this feature helps you to resume the recovery process at any time and you need not rescan your drive again. This software has ability to identify all file types of including office files, photo, audio files, video files other important files on the basis of their unique signature. With this tool you can recover data from hard drives, flash memory cards, USB external drives, FireWire drives. It supports to recovery of data from file systems like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and ExtFAt. This tool supports to recover deleted files from all versions of Windows as well as Mac operating system. It can also be used to retrieve different files emptied from recycle bin and trash folder and reposes accidentally deleted or lost files in few mouse clicks. This software has built in preview option to view recovered. The data which you recovered can be sorted on the basis of name, data, size and file type.


  • If you are performing delete or format operation, before that save your important data in other storage device.
  • Always make use of UPS in order to avoid sudden power loss.
  • Stop using the drive further for storing new files.