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Best Method of Repairing Zip and Zipx Files

The main purpose of Zip file is to reduce or compress the original size of a file. It doesn’t make any changes to its original file this is the main advantage using the Zip and Zipx files. The compression of data is nothing but reducing the overall size of the file, for this reason, it is used in a wide range. Zip files are very useful while sending over the… Read Article →

Ultimate Tool to Repair HD Video Files

“Last month, I bought a HD video camera and had been to a trip with my son to a near by place. As the day was quite cloudy, the place seemed to be filled with serenity so I recorded all those precious moments. When I came back to home, I connected the camera to the computer to watch those videos. As my son was playing around it he suddenly pulled… Read Article →

How to Repair Outlook PST File Errors?

When Microsoft Outlook started in the year 1996, most of the people were unaware of its capabilities. But when we look it on nowadays, we can see that each and every organization is making use of Microsoft Outlook as the main ‘Email client’ at least. Yeah! Of course it does lot of other things as well, Outlook 2010 version is widely used as an email client in the profit as… Read Article →

Approach to repair corrupt Word documents

MS Word is among the most extensively used Microsoft application. It is included in MS Office suite and its various versions are like Word 95, Word 98, Word 2000, Office Word 2003 and 2007, Word 2010 the recent version as Word 2013. The file extension is .doc or .docx for the files created and saved in Word tool and so the name goes as DOC file or DOCX file. The… Read Article →