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Easy Way to Repair Incomplete Mp4 Video Records

“Hi everyone, for me it took 4 long days to download the FRIENDS series from internet to my system, that was in MP4 file format. Unfortunately, it could not get downloaded completely as a result of some system issues that occurred at the end of downloading process. Because of this, few MP4 files are generally running properly but some cannot run on the player. I do not be patient to… Read Article →

Best Possible Way to Fix MOV File Corruption on Windows

MOV is among the popular file formats for storing videos, 3D videos and video clips. It has developed with specific compression method to store videos in a way it can easily be edited. MOV file type is primarily utilized in camera. MOV files are saved in memory card of video camera and is} easily transferred from a device to a different storage device. In spite of having all of the… Read Article →

How to repair mov files?

MOV file format is the MPEG 4 video file format. It was released in the year 1998. It is used in Apple’s QuickTime program. The .MOV file format is connected with QuickTime Player only. QuickTime Media Player is compatible with both Windows OS and Macintosh operating systems. Due to its compatibility it is used across all over the globe. But there are many instances of MOV files getting corrupted. Now… Read Article →