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How to Recover Outlook files?

The main purpose of Personal Storage Tables is for managing and storing the email messages, calendar items, journals, contacts, notes and many more. These all are present in the Microsoft Email Software applications which are referred as the MS Exchange client, MS Windows Messaging and also Microsoft Outlook Email application. This Microsoft Outlook is the best application for managing all the professional and personal data in an efficient manner. There… Read Article →

Tips to fix outlook PST and restore outlook contacts

MS Outlook can be a most desired and advanced e-mail client on this planet of economic, every e-mail users prefer Outlook. Various popular versions of Outlook are available in the market like Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010. Among these versions, Outlook 2010 is among the most recent one. Sometimes, Outlook users get losing important contacts, emails, etc which might be kept in their Outlook profile. When you find yourself stuck… Read Article →

How to Repair Outlook PST File Errors?

When Microsoft Outlook started in the year 1996, most of the people were unaware of its capabilities. But when we look it on nowadays, we can see that each and every organization is making use of Microsoft Outlook as the main ‘Email client’ at least. Yeah! Of course it does lot of other things as well, Outlook 2010 version is widely used as an email client in the profit as… Read Article →

Outlook Repair Utility to Handle PST File Corruption

MS Outlook is without question a wonderful application that is frequently used for business purposes or personal email program. And also the latest version of Outlook program is MS Outlook 2010 which carries all extra features to deal with multiple Outlook account while doing so. On Outlook 2010, what is important you’ll see which is the PST quality. Over the editions of PST files, the quality was very less though… Read Article →

Repair Corrupt PST File

Due to corruption of Microsoft Outlook PST file mailboxes and other major folders become inaccessible. Important emails and contacts that are stored in this file become unreachable due to corruption. If you are one among those people who are irritated due to the inaccessibility of their Vital Outlook attributes then just stay calm. You will be able to get back the access to all your Outlook attributes within minutes by… Read Article →

Get back Outlook PST

Microsoft Outlook is amongst the emerging email clients nowadays. It comes with Microsoft office. You may create number of email profiles in Outlook. All folders like emails, contacts, tasks, calendar is going to be stored in a PST (personnel storage table) file. Outlook plays a huge role in everyone’s life which is very much needy in most organization. The performance becomes manifest pretty quickly and reliable when compared to other… Read Article →

Repairing of PST can be done by using different software.

What is PST, OST files? Are they useful? Can they be repaired after corruption? And many more such query is answered through this article. Communication is basic need for human, where there are number of ways to meet it based on the choice of the user. Cell phones, e-mails, webcams, internet is way of communication. We’re here to share with you the Outlook utilization for emails and It is known… Read Article →

There are number of ways in which PST can be repaired

The user uses Outlook as the emailing tool which is dedicatedly produced by Microsoft to give the client user an environment. Outlook gives user a platform in which uses can work offline and after can convert those of line into online attributes. The first Outlook was launched by Microsoft in the year 2000 which was enriched with so less features and was not powerful as the new version are. As… Read Article →