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Eminent Software To Retrieve Lost Files From Hard Drive

Did you ever felt losing any of your important files from hard disk? The majority of the users prefer hard drive to store their essential files associated with their work as well as personal information because of its secure, straightforward, easy user interface and reliable file system operations are performed. No matter how consistent and save the file system is but there are certain circumstances which lead to loss of… Read Article →

Process to Undelete Pictures

Secure Digital Card or SD Card is among the prominently used storage device which withholds each one of the users data in safe and secured way. Such files may be accessed multiple quantity of times whenever required by consumers. Therefore if by any means files get erased from SD card leave users in remorseful frame of mind setup. Here users should understand that whenever any files get deleted from peripheral… Read Article →

Recovering data from internal and external/removable drives

A removable drive means storage mass media which can be connected or taken out easily from the PC without switching it off. The most widely used removable devices are Optical disks such as (DVDs, Compact disks), floppy drives, magnetic tapes , USB flash drives , External hard disk devices and memory cards like (Secure Digital , memory stick , XD card and so on ). Memory cards are widely-used as… Read Article →

Undelete files from Windows OS

There are many scenarios, which may result in data loss few of them are accidental deletion, deleting a file using Shift + Delete keys, deleting command prompt, formatting or re-formatting drive, accidental deletion of partition, file system corruption, OS crash and improper system shutdown etc. if you accidental files from your hard drive it does not get deleted from hard drive permanently. You can still restore those deleted file from… Read Article →

Effective deleted file recovery tips

The data loss situations like accidental deletion of files or corruption caused due to virus attack can lead data lose from USB Flash drive. Usually we think that the file is deleted and all the data is lost forever. The files will not be erased permanently even though you empty the recycle bin and by deleting files using Shift + Del key. Instead, the space occupied by those files will… Read Article →

How do I recover deleted data in windows?

Have you ever erased data unintentionally and then had a problem when you needed that data file? So what should you do to reclaim your data and is it even probable? You have some alternatives to try, one is considering your recycle bin, and the other is erased data recovery software program. Hopefully you saved that data file and gave it a name eventually. This will make the look for… Read Article →