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Way to recover the files deleted from memory cards.

Memory card does a lot for you in terms of saving data. They are just the medium to keep the data in portable and reliable mode. This memory card is capable to store data from 2 GB to 160 GB till date. Memory cards are used in digital cameras mostly, other than this use, memory cards are used in phones, laptops and many other devices to give access to data… Read Article →

How to restore files from USB external drive effectively?

Nowadays majorities of the people rely on the USB external drive to store and carry their important data wherever they want. Even through the USB external drive is secure and safe storage device to carry files from one system to another, there are sometimes when many of the people lose their significant data from their USB drives due to accidental formatting. In such cases, most of them think that the… Read Article →

How to repair bad sectors on hard drive?

A bad sector is nothing but a sector on a computer’s hard disk or flash memory that can’t be used due to permanent damage like physical damage to the hard disk surface or failed flash memory transistors. It’s typically detected by disk utility tool like scandisk on Microsoft systems, or bad blocks on the UNIX systems. When you found this, then these programs might mark the sectors as unusable and… Read Article →

How you can Recover Word File and Data from hard disk drive?

Individuals who’re using the computer are storing their data in internal hard disk. However the data saved in internal hard disk isn’t that much safe. Therefore the most people are keeping their data backup. The external hard drive is utilized to hold data backup. The actual copy of data from internal hard disk is saved in hard drive. This hard drive is connected externally to the pc. In external hard… Read Article →

How to recover NTFS partition?

If you accidentally format your partition though you’re not able to access the data, you can still recover it with the help of NTFS partition recovery software. It restores from formatted, corrupt or damaged NTFS & NTFS5 partition. Recover Data for NTFS help you to recover lost data from formatted, corrupt or damaged NTFS & NTFS5 partition. Partition is a separate disk drive where you can divide memory or mass storage… Read Article →