Corrupt PowerPoint file repair tool

Power point is presentation graphics software in the Microsoft office Suite. Using PowerPoint, you can use its easy-to-use predefined layouts, or even templates for creating a dynamic and professional presentation. The current versions of PowerPoint are Microsoft office PowerPoint 2010 for Windows operating system and MS Office PowerPoint 2011 for Mac OS. This application has the ability to give a professional touch to each and every topic of presentations. It also provides an option to convert PPTX files to a PPT file in Microsoft Office PPT 2007 and 2010. It’s a whole package of entertainment & professionalism. It is simple to convey the information in an exceedingly simple manner.

Many new graphics having ironic features were added in MS PowerPoint to build slides and save it in PPTX file format for file sharing. Microsoft Office PowerPoint file might get corrupted because of many reasons. In that situation, you should make use of PowerPoint recovery software to repair corrupted PowerPoint file. The most popular reasons that are accountable for the deletion of PPT files are emphasized below:

  1. Due to sudden shutdown: – PPT files will get corrupted whenever you shut down your system accidentally when your file is in use or when your computer automatically shuts down due to hardware problem or continuous power fluctuation.
  2. Due to improper Installation: – It is very much necessary to execute the installation process in a proper way. Incomplete installing of Microsoft PowerPoint can create problems while making the presentations. In addition, in severe case there are lots of chances that your file might get corrupted and refuses to open.
  3. Due to Virus attack after installing the Third party applications: – Viruses are a major threat to your computer. Most of the files get corrupted because of external threats. Installing the third party application might increase the chances of viruses to attack your entire system.
  4. Due to unreliable Recovery software: – A lot of recovery software is available however; you need to use a good recovery tool which may guarantee you to definitely recover all the deleted/lost files in a healthy condition without damaging the source file. Using inappropriate file recovery software can damage your files due to which it gets corrupted and you won’t have the ability to open it even after recovering back to your system. Such recuperated files won’t work and stay in corrupted situation.

Corrupted PowerPoint files can be recovered by using Repair PowerPoint tool. It has the ability to fix PowerPoint presentation files in an easy way. This software includes a powerful engine to correct PPTX presentation file after header corruption. It has an intuitive interface which makes it user-friendly. It is compatible with all the latest MS Windows OS like MS Windows 7, Windows Vista, Win XP, Windows 2003 & Windows 2008. It is simple to download this software to correct the corrupted PowerPoint files.