Get back lost files from formatted drive

Hard drives are the most preferred secondary storage devices in individual and workstation computers since they propose high data rate, point-to-point connection and simple cable management. It’s not only compatibility that is attracting users towards hard drive, but the huge data space for storage that allows users to keep the operating system, software as well as other critical data.  But sometimes it is happened the data within the hard drive is lost due to formatting, not formatting but forced formatting. Such a condition arises after the issues such as file system corruption, virus attack, boot record corruption, accidental formatting and so on. If anyone the listed situation occurs then only a way exists to use the hard drive again that is formatting. Actually, when you stuck in such a situation then it is must to format the hard drive either you wanted or not. If you want to get back data after format then with the help of Data Recovery after Format tool you can revive all intact data within the hard drive after format. This tool specially designed to get back lost data from formatted hard drive.

Let us discuss more about formatting issues, actually formatting can be a procedure of erasing all your data from the complete hard drive. It leads to losing all your complete data; it is highly recommended that before formatting a drive, you should take the backup of complete drive. Formatting might be done purposely or accidentally. Whatever is the cause, data will be lost. Sometimes when you are attempting to access data out of your hard disk drive, you might get some errors and it ask you to format the drive. These errors may be because of inappropriate installation of the OS or because of file system corruption. In such situation, you will have to format the drive forcefully, and will not be capable to take the backup also. Now you will lose your entire data. In this state, people think that all your data will be lost everlastingly and cannot be recovered. NO, you are wrong! You can recuperate your intact files despite formatting using software. This software can perform formatted hard drive recovery. The software is Data Recovery after Format; it is the best after format data recovery software and is capable to revive data after format in any of the issue.

Some circumstances where formatting performed are:

  • File system corruption due to virus attack results in formatting the whole drive
  • Performing reinstalling of Operating-system on the same partition
  • While installing dual operating-system on a single hard drive
  • When you are altering the file system, your drive should be formatted
  • Mistakenly selecting the incorrect partition on the hard disk drive and formatting it

Whatsoever could be the causes behind formatting the drive; this software can recuperate all the files from the drive. It even performs formatted hard disk recuperation for all types of drives like SCSI, IDE etc.

The main features of this software are:

  • It supports a range of file system such FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS 5, ExFAT.
  • It uses influential scanning algorithm to locate lost files and once it is situated, recuperate them on the basis on their inimitable signature.
  • It is accomplished to restore data from formatted hard drive on a range of versions of windows including Windows 7, Windows vista, Windows Xp and so on.
  • This software is experienced to recuperate formatted hard drive data on both the working platform such as Windows as well as Mac.

Some precautions need to be taken instant after data loss from hard drive:

  • It is must to avoid the usage of the drive immediate after the data loss because it may lead to overwriting data, once it is overwriting you can’t recover data from formatted hard drive by making the use of  any recovery tool.
  • Do not format or reformat the drive by employing any third party tool because some tools use fastidious algorithm to format or reformate the drive. you can’t recover data after such formatting hard drive using such utility tool because it leads to overwriting data.
  • It is recommended that do not installed the recovery tool in the same drive from where the data has to recover.

In case you are the individual lost files due to formatting hard drive and want to recover them back then you can make use of this tool in order to recoup files back. Just hit this link: to know more about this tool.