How to recover lost data using Kingston memory card recovery tool?

Kingston is the best known manufacturer of memory cards. Memory cards are portable storage devices used to store large amount of data. There are different types of memory cards like SD cards, XD cards, CF cards etc. Kingston offers CF memory cards with 20MB/s read rate and 16MB/s write rate. X-speed of Kingston memory card is defined by the write speed. Because, read speeds for memory cards are higher than write speeds. Most of the digital camera users use the memory cards that have high read speed. These memory cards make use of flash technology to store data. Flash memory cards are able to store data even when the host unit power is turned off. You can transfer data from memory card to computer via card readers. Generally, there are 2 types of card readers i.e. external reader and internal reader. External readers can be installed and configured easily via USB port whereas internal readers can be installed inside the system unit i.e. in empty drive. When you connect your Kingston memory card using external card reader, Windows Operating system automatically recognise memory card and assign it a drive letter. Now, you can easily transfer or access the data from Kingston memory cards. Sometimes, you may abruptly remove Kingston memory cards without using “Safely Remove Hardware” icon resulting in data loss. In such case, you need to use relevant Kingston memory card recovery tool to recover lost data.

When you connect memory card to computer, Operating system use the file system of your memory card to access the data from it. If you abruptly remove memory card then file system may get corrupted. File system may also get corrupted due to varios reasons like virus attack, power failures, improperly formatting the memory card etc. When the file system of memory card gets corrupted, then the data stored on memory card become inaccessible resulting in data loss. Sometimes, you may accidentally format the memory card causing data loss. When you format the memory card, the data stored on memory card get deleted and new file system is created to store new data. But, the data is not permanently deleted until you save new data over accidentally formatted memory card. Saving new data over formatted memory card overwrites the old data resulting in permanent data loss.

Therefore, avoid saving new data or copying new data to memory card, which has been formatted. Take bakup of important data to avoid data loss. Make use of updated antivirus program to avoid data loss due to viruses.

Remo Recover (Windows) Media Edition recovers audios, videos, images, text files and all other type of data from Kingston memory cards. This software can also recover lost or accidentally deleted data from different types of memory cards manufactured by different manufacturers like Transcend, SanDisk, Lexar etc. This software can also recover data from accidentally formatted memory cards. SD cards, XD cards, MMC, CF cards are the different types of memory cards supported by this software. You can download free demo version of this software to view recovered data. Recovered data can be stored on any Windows accessible drives.