Know How to Repair AVI Video File

AVI stands for Audio Video Interleave which is developed by Microsoft. AVI stores sound and moving pictures in RIFF (Resource Interchange File Format) format and this multimedia format is compatible with any type of media player such as VLC, Windows media player and so on. AVI works in both platform of operating system either Windows operating system or Mac OS X. But sometimes users faced a problem that AVI files are not playing just because of corruption of AVI files.

There are several reasons of corruption of AVI files and now a day’s corruption of AVI files is not a big issue because now you have many repairing tools in market. AVI file repair Mac can be easily done by usage of Repair AVI software, it will definitely help you to short out any problem related to AVI files. You just download this product and repairs AVI files with few clicks of mouse. Trial version of this tool is available in our websites and further if you want to buy full version of this tool then you can purchase from same sites.

Reason behind the corruption of AVI files:

  • Video Codec Corruption: Again and again use of any unsupported players which Does not supports AVI video file format then there is a chance of corruption of video codec. If video codec become corrupted then you will not be able to play AVI video File but you can listen only audio of that AVI file.
  • Uses of Unreliable Third Party Application: Some of the tools are not reliable in nature. If you are using these types of tools without checking whether it’s good or not then there is a chance of corruption of many files in the system included AVI files also.
  • Abrupt Ejection during transferring process: In data transferring process, if your system got shutdown or any types of ejection happens during data transferring process then there is a chance of corruption of AVI files.
  • Some Other Reasons: Apart from these, some other reasons are, abrupt shutdown of system, operating system crash, software conflicts, improper downloading of AVI files and many more.

Guys if you are using Mac OS X in your system and facing AVI file corruption issue due to any reasons. Then don’t go anywhere! You are in right place where we provide you a better platform to do your repairing task easily by the help of Repair AVI software.

Some features of Repair AVI software:

This tool is compatible with several versions of Windows OS as well as Mac OS. So you can run this fixing software on both Windows and Macintosh line of computers to fix broken AVI file Mac.

  • You can even repair AVI Mac on all external storage devices such as cell phones, USB flash drives, digital cameras, pen drives and so on.
  • This software is capable enough to repair AVI file Mac OS X without changing the original source file and after repairing, it generates a new healthy file.
  • Apart from AVI file repairing, this tool also repairs corrupted or damaged DivX, or XviD video file.
  • A user friendly graphical user interface of this tool gives you a platform to do your repairing task easily and after repairing of AVI files you can preview the repaired AVI file.
  • 24*7 customer service facilities are available.