Online Backup Services which Sync with Windows 10

Why Backup of Data is Important?

Backup of the file most probably won’t seem good but in real case, it is very most important as in many situations you may lose data from the storage device which may result you in frustrations and sometimes if the important data get lost from the drive then if you won’t have backup of the important data.

Then you may get worried and such for an alternative solution to get back the lost data. If you keep the back up of the file before only then you will be in safer side as with the help of the backup, you may have the copy of data with you and it can be use at any time whenever you needed. If in any circumstances, the data get lost from the stored place, then also you can store it back easily and you’ll be surely worriless. So in my point of view, it is a good habit to backup the data and there are some online services which provides this service. Know about it, so that you can utilize them when times comes and also you can suggest your friend and colleague, if there are in need of it.

Know About Online Backup Services:

Drop BoxDrop Box: Drop Box is one of the best cloud storage services which are use to store the data and it is on online service and when compared to the other services, it is somehow difficult as in many cases, you need to depend on other if you  are willing to perform such task. Backup service can be easily reclaimed through the Drop Box as in this situation; it stores the data in the storage space which works during the online only. It doesn’t require any additional thing to do; it just works by simply saving data.


You may have heard about this online service, it is an advanced Cloud storage device which may help you to store the image file and video files and many more. It is also an online service which provide a plans to store the data and the thing about the OneDrive is that it is used 15 GB of space and it can able to store the many files into it. Once it has store then it can access whenever you needs.

MEGA Cloud Storage: Have you remember, it was recently added the cloud storage service in the recent year 2012 and the foremost thing about it is it can be useful in any circumstance. So this is also online backup service which helps users to store the data in this Windows 10 machine.