Simple differences in Outlook Express and MS Outlook

There are many differences between Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Outlook Express. The most important of these is that Microsoft Outlook is the full blown larger version of Microsofts e-mail client that must be purchased separately. Outlook Express comes bundled free with Windows and Internet Explorer. As one would think, Microsoft Outlook the paid program offers many more features. Still Outlook Express is a viable helpful program and at the very least an excellent starter system.

Even though these two email systems are very similar, when one attempts to rescue lost messages from them the process required is very different. The reason for this is that Microsoft Outlook stores all of its messages, scheduling and other task applications in one large file known as a PST file. The PST file is a simple but somewhat large database and as with all of these file types database access must be granted by means of tables. With this said data recovery on Microsoft Outlook requires a program specifically designed to recover Outlook PST information. In comparison Outlook Express Stores each message and task along with settings and customizations as an individual DBX file. When we wish to recover Outlook Express emails we must find a program to recover Outlook DBX file information. Actually, this is a simpler task than regular Outlook recovery.