Using a file shredder to destroy contaminated hard drive data

Getting rid of a particularly stubborn computer virus is no small feat. And the question remains after you have removed a virus or malware, is it truly gone? One would like to think so but many viruses regenerate simply by your sending them to the Windows recycle bin. The more you attempt to delete the virus the more clones it creates.

One should remember that deleting a file does not remove from your computer’s hard drive the underlying information that the file is built of. Deleting a file simply marks an area on your computer’s hard drive as available for new information to be written. In order to permanently erase files so you may be certain no virus information remains you will need a file shredder program. A file eraser or file shredder if you will overwrites hard drive sectors a multitude of times in random pattern. This process destroys any information that existed on that portion of your hard drive.